What’s blooming in the garden this week?

Spring is my favorite time in the garden.  I love to head outside with a nice hot cup of coffee in my hand and wander around, looking to see what new is blooming today.  In early May, the garden is like a 4 year old child, growing and changing daily.

This is why gardeners toil.  We tend and plan and plant knowing that our efforts may be rewarded in the future.  There isn’t a lot of instant gratification in gardening, unless you can afford to transplant fully grown shrubs into your garden. That rhododendron you planted three years ago is finally blooming.  The crabapple tree gets fuller and more beautiful every year.  There is finally enough lily of the valley to cut a bouquet to bring indoors. At least there is always the instant gratification of a newly edged lawn, a freshly weeded flower bed, or a just-mown lawn.

Here are a few shots of what is flowering in my Pacific Northwest garden right now.

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