Vintage tins and lilacs

Combining two of my favorite things…vintage finds and flowers. I couldn’t pass up this pretty tin I found in a local “antiques” store. Such beautiful, happy colors! I inserted a glass jar inside to hold the water and then filled with the most fabulously fragrant lilacs from my garden.  Why buy new when such beautiful and inexpensive vintage finds are out there.  If I don’t use this as a vase, I could also use it to store cotton balls in the bathroom, office supplies on my desk, hold silverware on a buffet table, as a remote holder in the tv room, collect Box Tops for Education in my kitchen, a stash of Lindt dark chocolate truffles by my bedside, etc.


3 thoughts on “Vintage tins and lilacs

  1. So pretty, and I love seeing the white lilacs – when I was growing up, in upstate NY, there was a row of lilacs along the driveway: dark purple, lavender, and white. And there’s nothing as wonderful as that scent….thanks for the follow, I appreciate it!


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