Home Made Cards

I have made home made cards for birthdays and events as long as I can remember. From cartoons, to pen & ink illustrations, to digital art, I’ve done them all.  Would it be easier to buy one? Of course.   Would a purchased card be prettier?  Probably. Would it be as meaningful? Probably not.

The cards I make may not always be picture perfect, but they are created with love.

This week I am celebrating my niece’s graduation from college.  I looked around at graduation cards and they all seemed so….blah.

I saw somewhere on Pinterest someone made an illustration using an embossing machine to create a raised flower image then filled it in with watercolors.  It looked fabulous.  I just don’t happen to own an embossing machine.  So I used the next best thing and used glue.  I outlined the flower in regular old Elmers school glue and let it dry overnight.  I filled it in with watercolors and was rather pleased with the results. Of course, I could have just drawn an illustration of a flower and called it good, but the glue adds an interesting three dimensional quality to it.  Next to work on my calligraphy skills…


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