The Transition in the Garden

The transition has arrived.




It feels as if spring has gone for another year and summer has arrived very suddenly.  Yesterday it was struggling to reach 70 degrees by late afternoon, but today it is 85.  This is life in the Northwest. Every day brings something new.  It can be a bit tough on the garden flowers, though.  The spring blooms don’t like the heat and whither away quickly. It does always seem odd to have roses and rhododendrons blooming at the same time.

Here it is May and I’m already having to water my flower beds.  We are well below normal for rainfall this month already.  Not good!

The stars of the show this week are weigelias – I have several because the deer usually leave them alone.  Plus they are tough as nails.   No need to coddle these shrubs.  Roses are starting, clematis vines are starting up and hopefully will bloom alongside the deutzia in which it is climbing.  Can’t wait for the peonies!



Good companions, a berberis and Snowflake Spirea
Siberian Iris
Rhododendron “Consolini’s Windmill”

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