What is Blooming This Week?

The last week of May is bringing new blooms to the garden, and a bit less of a “wow” factor.  Now that the rhododendrons are winding down (we have over 30 different rhododendrons on the property) the foxglove and deutzias are taking over.  Foxglove does exceptionally well here in our clay soil.  I am constantly having to remove it from areas I don’t want it to grow (such as the gravel driveway, the lawn, in the middle of my blueberry bush, etc.) I hate to pull them, as I really love the foxglove flowers and enjoy watching the bees climb inside each flower and try to reverse back out. I just wish they’d seed in the center of a flower bed more frequently, as that is where I want them to be.  Luckily they transplant very easily.

Gardening brings me such joy.  The anticipation of what will bloom this week gives me reason to look forward to each new day.


Deutzia with Choisya Aztec pearl in background
Clematis “Niobe”
Deutzia “Pink-a-Boo”




8 thoughts on “What is Blooming This Week?

  1. The foxgloves are one of my favourite. Now they’ve finished flowering here in the UK the seeds are scattered and all the seedlings are of course coming up right at the front of the border, rather than anywhere I want them. Like you say easy to move.


  2. We had foxgloves at our allotment and my 6 year old whose very sensible and doesn’t touch them was worried about his little brother picking them so we rehomed them elsewhere and appreciated their beauty from a distance! #mygloriousgardens


  3. You have such beautiful flowers in your garden, especially those foxgloves! I love all the pink! Gardening brings me joy as well. I love looking out each day to see what is blooming. Thank you for sharing on #MyGloriousGardens!


  4. Ooh love that Escallonia in particular! What beautifulphotos. I love looking back at gardens at different times if the year, don’t you?
    Thank you for sharing this on the August #MyGloriousGardens. It will be shared on our social media channels so hopefully you will get even more linky love.

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