The Garden is Hoping for Dry Days Ahead

This is the time to cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t rain.  This is the week of roses and peonies, two flowers that do not like getting their pretty little heads wet.  Nothing is worse than waiting all year for the peonies or roses to bloom, only to have them arrive the day before a good rainstorm.  We are woefully behind rainfall totals in my part of the PNW right now, so I feel guilty hoping for no rain, but with flowers, it’s all in the timing.






13 thoughts on “The Garden is Hoping for Dry Days Ahead

      1. Yea, me too. We had flooding for weeks, and now there are cracks in the ground. Hard to garden that way! I’m glad you got to enjoy your roses. As much as I love my trees, sometimes I think of trading one or two in for some roses and peonies. Where in the PNW are you?


      2. I am in the Vancouver WA area. I have a lot of fir trees too and as much as I love them, I am have about 7 I want removed because they were allowed to grow where 25 years later, they now block a lot of the sun in the garden. Where are you?


      3. Not near me, but the fire in the Dalles is pretty big, but still about 90 minutes away. last year’s fire at Multnomah Falls was closer – about 45 minutes away. We had ash falling at our house then. It made for some beautiful sunsets, though. (I try to look on the bright side)


  1. I think your wish worked rather well. We’ve had a heatwave in the UK for most of June and July. We’re all doing the opposite and hoping for rain, I can’t remember the last time I saw green grass. #mygloriousgardens


  2. Love, love love peonies and I agree, it’s best when it’s nit rainy or too hot to be honest, otherwise the blooms don’t last. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t have rain and got to enjoy the blooms! We have had 3 months of a heat wave in the U.K. which has just broken -thankfully!
    Thank you for linking this post to the August #MyGloriousGardens linky.


    1. I love peonies too especially since the deer leave them alone. We are set to break a 100 year record for most days over 90 degrees F , the only reason we haven’t hit 100 is the smoke from wildfires keeps temperatures slightly lower. Not a good option!

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  3. I love the colors in that Beautiful Sunrise! I wish some of that rain you have would come down here to So Cali. It’s been months since I’ve seen rain! Thank you for sharing such beautiful blooms at the August #MyGloriousGardens link party!

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