Tourist on Tuesday

A trip to Oysterville

Last weekend I made a day trip to Oysterville.  What a great name.  I originally took my kids there several years ago on a day trip just because it was a fun name.  What I didn’t realize was that I would fall in love with the tiny place called Oysterville, Washington.

You can’t even call it a town.  It is more like one street.  One historic street.  It is on the National List of Historic Places.  Founded in 1854 (which is pretty old for the West Coast) it once was the county seat.  Located near the very northern tip of the Long Beach peninsula, it is only about 15 miles from the city of Long Beach, Washington, but worlds away in time.  Long Beach is a lively, summer carnival atmosphere.  Oysterville is peaceful. Serene.  There is nothing really to do there except walk the mown grass paths, admire the Willapa Bay, study the wildflowers, and dream of retiring there.  The old school house is now used as a well-kept community building.  There is only one shop in town, who sells their own artisan foods, as well as local seafood and a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.  You can sit out on their deck and look out over the bay. You can enter the beautiful old church if there isn’t a wedding in progress.  In this world of needing never-ending entertainment, many would find this place boring.  I find it beautiful.

The beautiful church
The church door



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