My Antique Store Find

I love antique stores.

I love wandering through antique stores. Finding the perfect store with a good mixture of real antiques (over 100 years old) and “vintage” (over 50 years old) is what I search for. I’m not really into collectibles (nothing I remember seeing on store shelves in real time) and as much as I admire real antique furniture, I can’t afford most real antiques.

I do enjoy a great new find whether it is a hand colored pen and ink drawing, a pretty plate, or a beautiful old book to help decorate and add some personality to my home. It’s the search that is fun. I recently was in a favorite stop when in the Long Beach, Washington area at an antique store called the Long Beach Peninsula Trading Post.  I found my “score” for the day:


I found this old calendar of menus printed in 1916 “what to serve for lunch” when lunch meant a whole lot more than just a turkey sandwich and a bag of potato chips. It is fascinating to look at, with its elaborate menus consisting of items like caviar sandwich rolls, sweetbread salad, pimiento bouillon, minced lamb on toast, macaroni with cheese and peanut butter (no, I’m not kidding you!) and canned salmon croquettes. Not all recipes and item menu sound awful… there are plenty of nice sounding recipes included such as eggs a la Suisse, asparagus omelet, strawberry banana cocktails, baked peach dumplings, and brown bread, nut, and cheese sandwiches.

Vegetarians might want to skip a few recipes…

Apparently yesterday I should have served my family German frankfurters, potato salad, cheese sandwiches and donuts. Not too bad, if not too healthy.  Today it’s lobster cocktails, jellied veal with chantilly horseradish sauce, finger rolls, pepper sandwiches, coupe Elisie Janis (never heard of that one before), orange queens, coffee and claret punch.  Guess I’d better go shopping!

I’m not sure who exactly their target market was for this production, but it surely wasn’t the everyday housewife, as pictured on the front. The subheading “with 52 practical Sunday evening suppers” is quite a misnomer nowadays in this world of pizza deliveries and microwaveable fat-free gluten-free, salt-free meals.

I figure for $10 I purchased a fascinating piece of American history and will hang it with pride in my kitchen.

2 thoughts on “My Antique Store Find

  1. I love that too, and might have purchased it myself. Great illustrations and I love the quirky, historic value, showing what people ate back then. Thanks for visiting my blog , Natural Views, too!

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