Creating a Cozy Interior with Books

I love reading a good book.  I love my home to feel cozy, comfortable, and be a place where I can curl up with a good book, a warm blanket, and a cup of coffee (or tea, I love ’em both.)  I probably should have married a carpenter, for I dream of wall to wall bookshelves and lots of built-ins.

I have several Pinterest boards where I have collected images of my dream home.  Not surprisingly, most contain images of books.  I have gathered together a few of my favorites to show the many different ways to incorporate books into your home.  I am not a fan of color coding books – so that only pretty red covers are allowed in the house, or taking the time to recover books in plain paper, or turning books spine inward, all of which seems to send out in big letters “I DON’T ACTUALLY READ THEM – THEY ARE JUST FOR LOOKS.”

Well, I DO actually read them, or at least plan to read all of them. I don’t have a lot of free time right now, but soon…..

Looking at the photos you may come to see a tendency towards English country or French country.  That’s me.  Thus the tea AND coffee.


Books are meant for reading nooks. A drawer nearby is helpful for bookmarks and pens. A good reading lamp and footstool are essential!
I love this room and dream of having it be my own little sanctuary someday. Reading a book by the fireplace is heaven.
What could have been a long, boring wall has been vastly improved by adding built-in bookshelves and a storage cabinet. I love how it frames the wide doorway.
Placing bookshelves on either side of a fireplace is fairly traditional, but note how they are set back away from the heat and smoke of the flames, which won’t do your books any favors.
This clever person added two ready-made shelves on either side of the bed to create a nook. The curtains in front of the shelves hide the contents and creates a luxurious look. Only thing missing? Books. I would add a small bookshelf on either side facing towards the bed for easy access.
The dark paint on the bookshelves and added swing-arm lamps create a library atmosphere that is romantic.
Who needs a headboard when you’ve got so many old books to use as a focal point? The swing-arm lamps are perfect for reading in bed.
A seldom used dining room can double as a library with reading desk right there and handy.
Use that space below windows to create shelving. The natural light makes for a great spot to read.
I do like this room even though they color-coded it, but it all seems to work so well with the rustic wood ceiling and vintage books.
A short bookshelf below the window can double as a window seat. And what a view!
The bistro look. I love the little corner nook they’ve created using facing painted bookshelves and a table for two.
I love the personality painted woodwork brings to a room!
A completely different look with using painted woodwork by using a contrasting color on the back wall of the bookshelf.

And lest we forget, a place for treasured cookbooks! Such an adorable seating area. Pull down a cookbook, sit and figure out what to make for dinner that night…

One thought on “Creating a Cozy Interior with Books

  1. I totally agree with you about books. They make a place a home and give it character and soul! There is nothing better than curling up by the fire or on a sunny seat to read a good book! I love the feel and smell of the pages and the fact that they are not digital in an increasingly technological age!


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