Busy Bee Season

This summer was a bad year for bees all over our metro area. Less mosquitoes, but more bees.  The bees were rather annoying when trying to sit outdoors for dinner.  I was sitting outside at our patio table when I suddenly noticed this gigantic wasp’s nest in the tree nearby.  I can’t believe I never noticed it being built – it seemed to appear just overnight.  It is a masterpiece of nature when you think of all the work the bees had to go through to create it’s paper-like shell.  I’d love to tear it down and look inside, but would rather leave it to nature.


3 thoughts on “Busy Bee Season

  1. Here in Sacramento I noticed we had a lot of mosquitoes. I’m new to my house, and in the beginning of the summer I just got bit every time I went out to my garden. We had a pretty hot summer, and I haven’t had a bite since July. Yeah!
    Maybe the mosquitoes looked for a more moderate climate. LOL.

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