What’s Blooming in My Garden?

It’s early Autumn in the garden.  The weather changed drastically practically overnight from hot and dry to cool and damp.  It’s at that stage where it’s too warm for a fire, but just warm enough to leave the bedroom window cracked at night time.  I’m putting away the summer decorations and starting to change over to Autumn colored accents.  I love decorating for the fall.

The garden is looking much, much happier with the little rainfall we’ve had.  It was a very hot, dry summer here in the PNW.  A few roses have some reblooms, the clerodendrons are pretty much done blooming.  The only crocosmia still going is the lovely dark yellow “Solfaterre” which would look even better if I planted some autumn crocus in front of it for next year.  Always planning!  I have pockets of autumn crocus planted in various spots throughout the garden.  I also like it next to a creeping burgundy sedum, and in front of a big stand of sedum “Autumn Joy.”  Autumn Joy is the standout right now.  It is at its peak.  The ornamental grasses haven’t bloomed yet.  The hypericum “mystical orange” has passed its orange stage and gone straight to black – a little early for Halloween decorations.  I would plant more asters as they are so beautiful this time of year, but the deer seem to find them and enjoy them on their salads.  We’ve had a doe with two little toddlers hanging around the yard lately.

A few maple trees are starting to show signs of turning into their fall colors.  The Shasta Viburnum is usually the first shrub to turn color, but it hasn’t really started quite yet.  Usually I’m thinking “no- no – don’t turn color yet! it’s too early!” but not this year.  It should color up right on time. I personally don’t want to see fall colors until it is cool outside and I am in the proper Autumn Mood.

The clerodendron tree
Rose of Sharon “Woodbridge”
Hypericum “Mystical Orange”
Japanese Anenome
Autumn Crocus
Sedum “Autumn Joy”
Erica “Dark Beauty” with salal

2 thoughts on “What’s Blooming in My Garden?

  1. I just changed my big silk bouquet to fall colors yesterday. That’s the extent of my decorating prowess!
    Your yard is so gorgeous with such a nice variety of late-season flowering plants. I didn’t know about fall crocus, but the chipmunks would eat them here.


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