Welcome October!

In the garden, October is one of the best months for me.  Like May, the garden changes on an almost daily basis.  I love grabbing a cup of coffee and wander around the garden, making notes, taking photos, and just enjoying the changing foliage colors.  We’ve planted 15 Japanese Maples just because we love Autumn colors so much.  We also have about 7 red maple trees, plus a variety of other trees and shrubs that turn in the fall, so we have something turning color for about two months.

The weather here in the PNW is still a tad too warm, and a whole lot too dry, for it to feel like full-on Autumn.  We have kindling and newspaper in the fireplace ready to go on the first rainy, cool evening. We always look forward to the first fire of the season! There is nothing like that smell, and the sounds of the crackling wood.  aaaaahhhhh.

Several shrubs and trees have already started turning color – the red maples are looking a darker burgundy that bright red right now.  My funny witchhazel has one half turns beautiful oranges first, then the other half turns oranges a few weeks later.  I think half developed from the root stock, but it extends the color nicely.  So many are still just starting, I will be out wandering the garden more than I should.  I probably should be working or doing housework. But enjoying nature at such fleeting moments seems more important to my well-being.

Beginning stages
Kaffir Lily
Dahlia “Hee Haw”
Summer spirea turns lovely shades of burgundy and beige


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