My Christmas Ornaments: With a Little Help

Everyone who has a Christmas tree, has a different Christmas tree.   I love that everyone’s tree is unique.  For me, I love that almost every ornament on my tree is different.  My neighbor’s tree is only clear glass ornaments.  A dear friend always has green and blue ornaments. My sister has a different theme every year. DSCF3981

This year, I asked my husband and teenage son to help me decorate the tree.

I want to do this as a family – especially this year when our daughter isn’t here to decorate with me.  There have been years where I was alone in the living room decorating the tree while the sounds of some James Bond movie was on in the t.v. room nearby.  I don’t enjoy decorating the Christmas tree to sounds of gunfire.  So this year I “heavily encouraged” my two guys to help out.  Of course, here I am today with my “mom in charge” mode in gear, looking at the tree days later wondering “where is the lion ornament? where is the cat on the ball ornament?”  The ornament I purchased as my 2018 ornament is no where to be found.  DSCF7081Hmmm…. Mom will have to go on an expedition, because my efficient husband packed up the empty boxes I have for each ornament, reboxed them and hauled them out to the garage.  I just can’t have a Christmas tree without my favorite ornaments! I think I may have a “disorder” of some kind.

I admit, each year it seems to be harder and harder to find an ornament I like.  Most I find in the stores are too large to fit on my 7 foot tree.  Stores are stocking less inventory ever since the recession and thus have less to choose from. There isn’t a Christmas ornament pop up store in the mall anymore. The quality has gone downhill too. About 15 years ago, I found so many fun ornaments. This year I found one that would work on Etsy.   Christmas apparently also comes in October now.  If you haven’t purchased your Christmas decor by at least the 2nd weekend of November, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, I am not in the Christmas spirit immediately after Halloween.  I am a believer in the “one holiday per month” rule.  (A rule I think I invented.)

The racoon playing the banjo in an example of the kind of silly, but well-made ornaments IMG_0708I love.  I have an acrobat, Jolly old King Cole, a set of elves playing musical instruments, a lion lifting weights, a man with an xlyophone body, a clown made of buttons, and just so many different types of ornaments – nostalgic, funny, glamorous, handmade, Swedish, rustic, and many more received as gifts.  These are the ornaments I look forward to unpacking each year – they are a joy to unpack, not a chore.  And while I am a teensy frustrated that my guys managed to leave some treasured ornaments unpacked and they felt not worth the time to put on the tree (I kept hearing mumblings of “isn’t this enough yet?) I understand that they are not the sentimental creature I am.  And so I shall go unpack my bin of ornament boxes and I WILL FIND those missing ornaments, still wrapped in tissue and tucked safely away.  Next year I may rethink my plan and open the boxes myself and lay out the most important ones that must go on the tree.  But I still want my guys to help – to the sounds of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra singing Christmas carols in the background. Because it should be a family event.DSCF3940















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