Agatha Christie: 5 Favorite Mysteries

When you think of Agatha Christie, do you instantly think of Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot? While they are beautifully written iconic characters, Agatha Christie did write several mysteries that did not include her famous characters and are still wonderful reads.  Here are five of my favorites you may not have read:

1. The Man in the Brown Suitbrownsuit__span

This stars an intelligent female lead who witnesses a fatal accident and begins to investigate a mysterious “witness” to the accident.  Not a typical English Manor House style murder, this is a thriller with a bit of romance.



2.  The Murder at HazelmoorThe_Sittaford_Mystery_US_First_Edition_Jacket_1931

A new female lead, named Emily Trefusis is involved with the other guests of Sittaford House in a murder case involving a Ouiji board that spells out the name of a victim.



3. The Seven Dials Mystery


With nicknames like Pongo, Socks, and Bundle, the main characters fill the English Manor House to perfection. Even the butler is stereotypically named “Treadwell.”  After a practical joke goes awry, a group of young 20-something friends work with Superintendent Battle to solve what appears to be an unsolvable murder involving 7 clocks.


4.  Towards Zero51z9SvqBfJL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_

A gathering of friends and family are invited to stay at a beachside home, resulting in an untimely death.  Things are off to a rocky start when both tennis star Neville Strange and his ex-wife are invited, along with Neville’s new wife. Several guests seem to have secrets they are hiding and it is up to Superintendent Battle to solve the mystery – even while on vacation.


5. The Boomerang Clue


Also known as “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” a pair of plucky young aristocrats work to solve the puzzle of dying man who utters “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” with his last breath. They become targets themselves as they get closer to the murderer. Will all this danger and intrigue bring them together? Or will the murderer add one more to the list?


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