New Year’s Eve Traditions

Do you have a New Year’s Eve traditional celebration?  If you believe the movies, you’d assume everyone attends a fancy gala while wearing a fabulous dress.  Personally, I do not know a single person who goes to a fancy event on New Year’s Eve.  Everyone I know generally stays home, or maybe goes to a friend’s house for board game night. In my little family of four, we generally make an array of appetizers, play board games, and watch a Beatles movie.  Then the parents are in bed by about 10:30, while the kids stay up and watch the t.v. performances (if anyone they like is on.)  The t.v. productions out of New York City are pretty boring for me… especially knowing that with the time difference, it is tape delayed 3 hours.  I don’t know any of the performers any more.  I don’t idolize celebrities.  Watching someone else party is about as fun as watching paint dry.

I know some that look forward to watching the t.v. celebrations, but we prefer to watch something else – and maybe something unusual in a theme.  We’ve been watching a Beatles movie every year, but as there aren’t too many of them, we might have to move on to something new like Monty Python movies, Elvis movies, Mr. Bean movies, or the “Carry On” movies. We’ll have to pick a new movie tradition…

With multiple appetizers to make, I seek out easy and tasty ideas.

A simple dip I like to make is super quick if you have a mini cuisinart. Adjust measurements to suit your preferred taste and texture.

Mediterranean Lemon Dip

1 cup feta cheese

1 Tbl fresh lemon zest

2 Tbl fresh lemon juice

5 Tbl olive oil or almond oil

2 large garlic cloves, minced

Combine all and mix well until smooth.  Serve with garlic flavored crackers, or fresh veggies.

What are our favorite family games?

Our kids are 17 and 20 so we’re well past the Candyland phase.  While our son loves Monopoly, we’re generally looking for games that aren’t too long, or too easy, or too competitive.  I love word games.  Or games of chance with just a dash of skill.

Our favorite dice game is “Pigs and Chickens” (aka 10,000) where you roll the dice and add up points. The first to 10,000 wins.  You can be a “pig” by trying for more points, or be a “chicken” and take the small amount of points.

Good games that require a bit of skill as well as just plain luck are:  UNO, Sorry, Sequence, or Journey Through Europe

Word games are my favorites, like Scattergories, Balderdash, Password, or Bananagrams

Good group games are Pub Trivia, Whoonu, or  Apples to Apples


Have a fun and safe New Year celebration!

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