Pink in January

January is not a time I spend much time in my garden.  After the wind blows, I get out and pick up the branches that have fallen on the lawn.  I check and see how much rainfall we’ve had in the bucket.  I watch the plants outside bravely weathering the winter.

In the western part of the Pacific Northwest, we have not seen any snow.  Yet.  It has been a fairly mild winter with lows barely dipping into mid 20s at a few points.  That is why I should not be surprised when I walk out in the garden and find pink blossoms.

The “Pink Dawn” Viburnum blooms at an inopportune time… when one is rarely outdoors to see it or smell it.  It has a lovely fragrance and is amazingly hardy.  The pink blossoms in December and January seem out of place, but are still a welcome sign of hope of colors still to come.

And as my name is Dawn, the name is fitting.

Pink Dawn Viburnum

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