Foggy Day in the Garden

Here in our little corner of the world, winter seems to have passed us by.  Looks like we won’t be getting any snow here in the valleys of the Pacific Northwest.  Not that I would want to trade places with those facing -40 degree temps in the midwest.  Yikes!  But we usually get at least one snow event that lasts 1-2 days where we get 2-4″ of snow.  Not this year.  Unusually warm and not as wet as normal.  The fog has persisted around here the past few days which makes taking photographs a challenge.   I am happy to see the first signs of Spring with the hellebore and witchhazel blooming.  My witchhazel looks a bit odd because it has morphed into two separate halves.  I bought an “Arnold’s Promise” for its orange fall color. Then the root stock it had been grafted onto has overtaken it.  But I am not inclined to chop that half off as it has beautiful golden yellow fall color.  The Arnold’s Promise blooms earlier and turns color in the fall earlier. And so I keep the two headed monster for an extended period of colors.  There are several trees that seem to be infested with tons of one particular type of spider web – more of a hammock style web.  I will need to research why.  I snapped a few shots as I walked around the garden this cool damp morning…

The first hellebores are blooming!
Tons of these spider webs all over
The witch hazel “Arnold’s Promise” is in bloom
Witchhazel in bloom
The heavenly bamboo is still holding on to its Christmas colors

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