Vintage Car Museum

We were struggling to find a good location for our Dad’s 80th birthday party.  After some on-line searching, we found it.  The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum.   We didn’t even know it existed, and Dad had never been there.   They are are group of volunteers updating and creating a museum and event space to rent out for parties.  We were only the 2nd party to be held there.

With gorgeous cars and motorcycles fully refinished on display, and a huge work room with many in various stages of being refurbished, the space was amazing.


My Dad was in seventh heaven.  He is a man who is rarely the center of attention, usually the one putting others first, so this was quite a special day for him.  We almost lost him a couple of years ago to a heart attack, so this was especially poignant for us all.  Why wait to throw a big memorial for someone after they are gone?  Do it now.  Throw a big party the guest of honor can enjoy too!

If you are ever in the Salem, Oregon area, look up NW Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum or have a old vehicle to sell, or would like to donate to their museum to help keep the museum going.  They have a great program in which they work with students from the local high school who come and learn how to build and restore cars.  They are on a site of 14 different museums called “Powerland Heritage Museum” a collection of individual museums each with a different focus including trolleys, railroads, tractors, miniature railroads, etc.  Open in the summers on weekends and for special events.


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