Flower of the Day: Kalmia

Kalmia "Elf" grows well in my Pacific Northwest garden
Kalmia “Elf”


Kalmias (also known as mountain laurel) come in a wide size variety – I’ve got an old huge one under my kitchen window that we have to prune to keep at the 6′ level, and I have these sweet little kalmia “elf” version lining a bed near the driveway.  They are similar to rhododendrons in that they like at least a half day of sun, somewhat acidic soil that is natural around the Pacific Northwest, bloom about the same time, do not have fragrance, and are for the most part, deer-resistant.  I like the kalmia “Elf” for its pale pink blooms, dark evergreen foliage, and usefulness as an edger.  I could have used boxwoods, but if I can have a short hedge that blooms, why not??


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