July in the Garden

The July garden is doing surprisingly well as we have been having an unusually mild summer so far here in the Pacific Northwest.  The daylilies are the prime source of color right now, along with the ever-happy looking daisies.  Daisies + red crocosmia seem the perfect summer combination.  Of course, daisies are the perfect foil for most all summer blooming flowers including the goldenrod which has just started blooming, the burgundy foliage of sedum Vera Jameson, the purple blooms of linaria, the hot pink lychnis, and the blue thistle.  I prefer the shorter variety called “Becky” as it stands up to the weather better than the taller “Shasta” daisy. It is also a good height for being a companion plant.  My favorite daylily is called “Joan Senior” which is a lovely pale yellow which also is the perfect companion plant for all colors.  There is nothing it doesn’t pair well with.  I find myself wanting to transplant divisions of daisies and Joan Senior all over my yard, just to have those great color combinations.

Daisy “Real Galaxy”
Daisy “Becky” plus Daylily “Joan Senior”
Daisy “Real Galaxy” plus Daylily “Eggplant Ecstasy”
Daylily “Summer Wine”
Daisy “Becky”

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