Seeking Fall Foliage Photos

I have recently begun researching for story I want to do for a travel blog I write for – seeking out the best places to go to see beautiful fall foliage in the Pacific Northwest.  I have become rather frustrated as I look for photographs to use in my post to augment the ones from my personal files.  More and more I find that when I search up “autumn pictures of Oregon” or something similar, I come up with many photos of beautiful scenery that have obviously been doctored in this new digital age.  It is all too easy to press “enhance” on your photo app or tweak that saturation toggle, turning what should be a beautiful photo of nature as it exists, into a garish, neon, Vegas-style “photograph” that does not represent reality.

The problem?

The problem with doing this is that it gives visitors unrealistic expectations of what they will see if they come to visit the Pacific Northwest.  Yes – we have gorgeous fall colors – beautiful drives – beautiful scenery – but it doesn’t come in neon bright colors.  There is nothing wrong with creating these photographs if you are advertising it as art, but I see too many travel blogs and news stories that are using these images in their travel reports, misleading their readers into thinking they will see something like this:

Beautiful, yes.  Reality? No.

Mother Nature blessed the Pacific Northwest with enough natural beauty that I feel it does not need to be enhanced.

If you have a beautiful photo of fall colors in the Pacific Northwest that you would give me permission to use in my travel blog, please contact me!  I’d love to consider your photo for sharing on our website!

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