Lucia Falls

The sun came out and it felt like spring.  I felt compelled to hop in my car and get outside and away from my behind my desk computer at home. I work from home, and as much as I love being here, I do feel the need to get outdoors, grab some needed vitamin D, and step away from that computer screen.  I drove towards Yacolt, WA – not too far away from me but a world away from semi-organized chaos that is my desk. Driving on the rolling roads of NE Clark County with the sunroof open and some laid back jazz playing on KMHD radio, I felt the grayness of winter slipping away.  I stopped at Lucia Falls park to wander around and take photographs. I figured I can always use my photographs for my work too – double bonus!


Lucia Falls is on the Lewis River. While not as stately as Multnomah Falls, it has its own natural beauty and a different feel as the water tumbles over ancient volcanic rocks.  The geology is fascinating in the area with obvious signs of lava flows from Mt. St. Helens creating the rocky landscape like a Columbia River Gorge in miniature.


As it was early spring, the river had a powerful flow and the landscape had only the tall evergreens for color, making the landscape seem even more stark. What I love about Lucia Falls park is that it is so easy to get to – no 5 mile hikes required.  There are picnic benches to sit and enjoy lunch, it does not have a lot of traffic so you can be there are feel like you have the place to yourself.  Because it is sensitive salmon habitat, there is no fishing or swimming allowed.


I chose to scramble onto the rock formations to try and get different photographs. Unfortunately, my mid-morning drive had me arrive when the sun was in a difficult position for taking good photographs. Next time I’ll try late afternoon.  And bring a friend to walk the paths – then hit the Pomeroy winery just down the road!






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