Weekends: A Time of Compromise

The weekend is almost here. My husband has been looking forward to it … it’s been a tough week at work and he looks forward to the weekends and being outside away from his office.  On the other hand, as I work from home, the weekends are a different matter altogether.  During the weekdays, the space is ALL MINE.  I can choose to listen to any music I want to.  Yesterday was Django Rheinhart. The day before it was Martin Stephenson and the Dainties. Last week I was into 60s tunes. The week before was classical chamber music. Tomorrow might be Bing Crosby or the West African Rhythm Band. No matter what I’m feeling that day, the point is that I have total control and can play it as loudly or quietly as I want. I can have the t.v. on. I can bump up the house’s thermostat a little.  I can eat at my desk. I can eat outside. I can light a fragrant candle. I can do chores or sit and read without feeling guilty.  On the weekends though, my husband and 18 year old son will be home all day all the time.

As much as I love them, my weekends are not necessarily something to look forward to with as much anticipation as my husband does. Weekends become a time of chores and who wants to look forward to that? My husband gets a perverse sense of happiness and satisfaction by stacking a cord of wood for the fireplace. He would have been a good pioneer.  I, on the other hand, would not. I would have been terrible. I enjoy sitting and reading a book with a cat in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand. He thinks weekends are a time to get all the things done he’s been wanting to do all week. I think weekends are a time to get all things done I’ve been wanting to do all week. His involve chores. Mine involve reading, painting, traveling, drawing, baking.

Our ideas of what a weekend should be are as different as our taste in pizza toppings. He’s an onion and mushroom type of guy. I’m more of a goat cheese and red grape type (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!) But pizza compromises are pretty easy. We make our own and everyone gets their own section to personalize. Much like our weekends, we try to allow each other to make it what they need it to be and personalize it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



5 thoughts on “Weekends: A Time of Compromise

  1. Hi Dawn,
    I don’t recall that we’ve met but welcome to our virtual coffee table. I used to live in Kirkland and then in Bellevue for several years and was on top of someone’s home, painting it, when Mt. Saint Helen erupted in 1980. I had a small radio with me because we were all listening for updates on the growing lava dome. That home put me high enough to have a great view from where I was working and I called out to my team to come and watch.
    I still miss living there.


    1. Wow, that must have been quite a sight! You probably didn’t have a camera with you, otherwise I’d say I’d love to see the pictures! I lived down by Salem at the time and we had ash on our cars even that far away.


  2. Sometimes we do have to compromise. I look forward to the weekends in a different way now when I do not work from home anymore, being a single mom I do have to stack wood for the fireplace in the weekends, but there is a fair amount of reading, baking, and relaxing as well. Thank you for joining us for a coffee share.

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  3. Funny, I was just working on my story about a pioneer family and chopping wood and then read this post. I wonder if I would have made a good pioneer – like you, I’d rather curl up with a good book! But I appreciate some physical work, too.

    Hope you are doing well in these hard times.


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