2020 A Year of Changes

Like everybody else, 2020 has been an unusual year. It has taken me away from writing on this blog as I re-create life at home. The online business I partnered with my sister, Flaunt Boots, has ended. Still needing a creative outlet, I have re-created Flaunt Boots into Flaunt Your Life. I create graphic design and artistic designs and sell them online via http://flauntyourlife.threadless.com They take artist’s works and print them as ordered onto journals, notecards, throw pillows, t-shirts, tote bags, etc. I am really enjoying the creative process and freedom to create whatever I desire without limitations of only being business-oriented. A few samples so you understand what I do now…

Other big changes?

  • My son is NOT heading off to college as planned as his college went to on-line only. He’s bummed and we are sad for the loss of big-life experiences as he also was robbed of a high school graduation ceremony, and a big graduation celebration trip to NYC had to be cancelled.
  • My daughter is NOT traveling the world after graduation from college. She had planned on taking a gap year before heading off to grad school, but instead is spending the months after graduation and home quarantine time with roommates while they all vainly search for jobs. Oh, and her graduation from college was cancelled too. Such a huge accomplishment and so little fanfare.
  • My husband has joined me in working from home. He loves it. I have adjusted to having others in the house all day long.
  • We had 3 big trees taken down in our front yard which created what were struggling shady garden beds into full-on sun beds. I spent as much time as I could moving and swapping out plants before the summer heat arrived. The rest will have to wait until fall to be divided and transplanted. For a gardener, this is BIG. We live in SW Washington and are surrounded by tall fir trees that suck up a lot of water and throw a lot of shade. The front yard has struggled as trees grew taller and sunlight grew harder to find. My big problem? Finding nursery stock available. I LOVE photographing the flowers in my garden and turning them into art.
  • My part-time job as a blogger / social media content creator for BestoftheNorthwest.com has gone to even less than part time with the travel restrictions. We try to showcase the many reasons people should come to the Pacific Northwest – wineries, beautiful beaches, beautiful snow capped mountains, thousands of lakes and rivers, fascinating geology, great food, and thriving art communities. It is just hard for anyone to plan a trip this year. So please, come and at least look at the pretty pictures of the Northwest and dream of time to visit. http://bestofthenorthwest.com
  • Creating Flaunt Your Life boards on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/flauntyourlife/ as well as keeping up with Instagram and Facebook accounts (I don’t really bother with Twitter) and creating the art for the Flaunt Your Life website has kept me plenty busy. I work in the garden most of the morning, then I can come inside and work when it is too hot to be outside. Creating any new business is difficult. An online business is probably less so, but still plenty time consuming.

Goals for the Remainder of the Year:

Read 3 more books

Watch at least one old 40’s WW2 romantic comedy movie

Go on a shopping trip to nurseries further south and find some treasures.

Finish the book on my husband’s grandmother’s adventures aboard the Titanic

Paint at least 2 new paintings

Clean the kitchen floor and maybe clean out the garage too?

Repaint the white door jambs that are scuffed up after 20 years of hard-living

Get the garden into photo-worthy shape by pruning, mulching, dividing, transplanting, and reorganizing all the beds into perfection. (Yeah, that’s not going to happen, but it’s a goal.)

And so, after that update, I hope to keep adding more to my blog in the future. I hope you’ll visit my website and yes – they even can turn my artwork into facemasks! They are the year’s new fashion statement – or at least a way to have some fun and show off your personality and even come in youth sizes too. Here are a few of mine:


2 thoughts on “2020 A Year of Changes

  1. Sounds like you’re keeping plenty busy. The art products look really nice. Good luck with the garden transformation. I’ve given myself permission to never have a photo-worthy garden. I’m just happy to have some flowers and veggies/herbs.😊


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