Halloween Decoration

My favorite Halloween decorations to put up every year are simple home made ones.  When my children were small, I traced their feet on heavy white paper and had them decorate them to look like ghosts.  As their feet grew, so did the ghosts.  Their little kid-writing on the back like “Boo I scerd you!” cracks me up when I hang them in our front door window.



Tirade on Tuesday

Why oh why do retailers feel the need to have fully decorated Christmas trees on display when the trees outside their door are just starting to turn fall colors?  I just returned from a garden/farm store with their entrance decorated nicely with hay bales, pumpkins, and chrysanthemums.  I walked inside and there smack in my face are 4 fully decorated Christmas trees.  They’ve already emptied out their garden center (although fall is the best time to plant shrubs and trees and the reason for my visit) in preparation of filling it with flocked Christmas trees.

It is only 9 days into October, people!

Autumn is my very favorite time of the year, enjoying all that nature has to offer with beautiful leaves, stormy skies, the smell of a wood fire in the air.  I love fresh apple cider, pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup, pumpkin spice cookies, spiced apple cake, pear butter on my toast, and butternut squash soup. Please let me enjoy Autumn without shoving Christmas down my throat.  You are not only ruining fall, you are going to ruin Christmas for people.  Ever hear of too much of a good thing?  I absolutely love Christmas.  I decorate my home to the hilt and have way more tree ornaments than a sane person needs.  But Christmas is in December. Not October.

Oh, and by the way?  I really like Thanksgiving too.  Where did that holiday go?



Thanksgiving Playlist: Jazz

I’ve created a playlist from my music collection for background music while enjoying family and friends before and after the Thanksgiving meal.  If you enjoy a bit of traditional jazz, try a few of these songs.  Good music is always welcome at my house, no matter the age.  This playlist will run about an hour and forty five minutes.

Thanksgiving in Jazz

“If I Had You” by Benny Goodman Sextet

“These Foolish Things” by Billie Holiday

“Sleepy Time Gal” by Harry James & His Orchestra  – Listen on YouTube

“Please Consider Me” by Nat King Cole Trio

“How Long, How Long Blues” by Albert Nicholas, Henry Chaix Trio

“Sitting in the Sun” by Lucky Lucy Ann Polk  – Listen on YouTube

“This Will Make You Laugh” by Nat King Cole Trio

“If You Were Mine” by Billie Holiday

“Stormy Weather” by Django Reinhardt – Listen on YouTube

“I Don’t Know Enough About You” by The Mills Brothers

“Polka Dots and Moonbeams” by Chet Baker

“Sittin’ and A-Rockin” by Lucky Lucy Ann Polk

“The Man I Love #1” by Nat King Cole Trio

“Waiting” by Gaucho Pearl  – Listen on YouTube

“Save it Pretty Mama” by Papa Blue’s Viking Jazz  Band

“When We’re Alone” by Nat King Cole Trio with Anita O’Day

“Bittersweet” by Pearl Django  Listen on YouTube

“Summertime” by Sidney Bechet

“Love is Here to Stay” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

“Speak Low” by Frank Sinatra

“It Only Happens Once” by Nat King Cole Trio  Listen on   YouTube

“That’s What You Call Romance” by Slim Gaillard, Slam Stewart – Listen on YouTube

“The Nearness of You” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Listen on

“A Ballad” by Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan – Listen on YouTube

“My Ideal” by Kenny Dorham – listen on YouTube

“Softly” by Joni Paladin

“I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” by Mel Torme

“Misty” by Bobby Brookmeyer and Friends

“Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong


I’ve included some links so you can sample some songs you may not have heard before.  I do not get anything in return for clicks on links, they are just there to make it easier to listen and share the love.
Enjoy and have a laid back, happy Thanksgiving!










Tapestry in the Garden

I enjoy mixing textures in the garden and try for combinations of chartreuse foliage next to burgundy foliage, next to gray foliage, next to dark green foliage, etc. Broad leaves next to grassy, flowers with groundcovers at their feet.   But I have a bad habit of planting new plants too closely together, which causes me no end of extra work, but in some cases it works to my advantage.  In certain areas of my garden we have what I call a “tapestry” of shrubs/trees/perennials all close together creating a wall of blooms that come and go throughout the season.

This area is at its peak in the autumn, with the gray “Boulevard” cypress, Smooth Sumac, Itea “Henry’s Garnet,” clerodendron tree, Osmanthus, Deutzia, Pampas grass, Sedum “Autumn Joy,” hellebore,  autumn crocus, and summer spireas. That’s a lot in one area, but it works for me.