Storm Front Arriving: A View from the Baseball Field

As I sat at my son’s baseball game on Sunday this week, an unforecasted, unexpected storm front moved in.  We watched as the thick ominous massive gray clouds worked their way towards us, as we sat in the hot sun under bright blue skies.  Wind started whipping us from behind. No one was prepared for rain, but being Northwesterners and baseball moms, we all had umbrellas in the car, alongside the bottles of water, extra coats, blankets, sunscreen, snacks, stadium seats, and folding chairs (you just never know what you’ll be needing.)  This was the championship game of a 4 day weekend tournament.  Please don’t get rained out!  Please don’t see lightning!  The wind started to hit us in the face, blowing the storm straight our way.

The player’s pants were waving in the wind, but the rain held off.  The game ended up being a blowout in just 5 innings as we had used up all our pitchers and had to put in boys that hadn’t pitched in 2 years.  My son, the catcher, ended up having to pitch the 4th inning. The 18U team won the day, defeating our 16U team.  The last required inning, our coach told the boys to go out and play any position they wanted – first come, first served.  They had a blast playing that last half inning, laughing and being goofballs, yet still trying to do their best.

The rain came down in buckets just minutes after loading up the car.



Home Made Cards

I have made home made cards for birthdays and events as long as I can remember. From cartoons, to pen & ink illustrations, to digital art, I’ve done them all.  Would it be easier to buy one? Of course.   Would a purchased card be prettier?  Probably. Would it be as meaningful? Probably not.

The cards I make may not always be picture perfect, but they are created with love.

This week I am celebrating my niece’s graduation from college.  I looked around at graduation cards and they all seemed so….blah.

I saw somewhere on Pinterest someone made an illustration using an embossing machine to create a raised flower image then filled it in with watercolors.  It looked fabulous.  I just don’t happen to own an embossing machine.  So I used the next best thing and used glue.  I outlined the flower in regular old Elmers school glue and let it dry overnight.  I filled it in with watercolors and was rather pleased with the results. Of course, I could have just drawn an illustration of a flower and called it good, but the glue adds an interesting three dimensional quality to it.  Next to work on my calligraphy skills…


The Best Mother’s Day Present

I received the best Mother’s Day present ever on Sunday.  It was exactly what I needed.

It was not a heart-shaped necklace.

It was not a sweater.

It was not a coffee mug with a butterfly on it.

It was not an expensive brunch at a local restaurant.

It was a letter.

A letter from my 16 year old son.  My youngest. These teenage years have been pretty rough on our relationship.  He pushes me away when I feel he needs me the most.  I want to teach him things. He does not want to learn.  I still have life lessons to share with him.  He already knows everything there is to know.  I feel he has too much time on electronics.  He feels he doesn’t have enough time.  He feels 5-6 hours sleep is plenty for a teenager on a school night.  I do not.  These battles have been going on between us for a couple of years now and they are wearing me down.

I received a phone call the morning of Mother’s Day from our daughter who is away at college.  My husband made breakfast for us as usual on weekends.  My son spent most of the day in his bedroom.  No cards, no flowers, no breakfast in bed.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and went in the yard to sit in the shade and actually read a book from start to finish guilt-free. That rarely ever happens.  At bedtime, I pulled back the covers and there on my pillow sat a folded piece of paper with the word “MOM” written in pencil.  My expectations were pretty low at this point, but when I opened it up and found a letter written to me by my son, my heart lurched just a bit.  A letter of apology.  A letter thanking me for trying to keep him on the right path.  A letter I really needed to hear.

In future, that’s all I really want for Mother’s Day.  A letter from my two children.  A letter from the heart.

The best Mother’s Day present ever.