Nature Takeover

Gosh. I leave the garden unattended for 2 months of the year and look what happens.  I took a walk out in the garden today because it is in-between rain storms, and is weirdly warm here in the Pacific Northwest.  It should not be mid 50s in January.  As I walked around, I found nature has decided to take over my stone bench.  While it is rather pretty and atmospheric, it will make the bench less inviting to sit on, knowing I am sitting on a living thing.  Or it might just make it softer.  Hmmm…could be a good thing?

nature takes over a stone bench


Pink in January

January is not a time I spend much time in my garden.  After the wind blows, I get out and pick up the branches that have fallen on the lawn.  I check and see how much rainfall we’ve had in the bucket.  I watch the plants outside bravely weathering the winter.

In the western part of the Pacific Northwest, we have not seen any snow.  Yet.  It has been a fairly mild winter with lows barely dipping into mid 20s at a few points.  That is why I should not be surprised when I walk out in the garden and find pink blossoms.

The “Pink Dawn” Viburnum blooms at an inopportune time… when one is rarely outdoors to see it or smell it.  It has a lovely fragrance and is amazingly hardy.  The pink blossoms in December and January seem out of place, but are still a welcome sign of hope of colors still to come.

And as my name is Dawn, the name is fitting.

Pink Dawn Viburnum

Morning of the Mushrooms

I love wandering around our yard with my camera in hand as beauty comes when you are not expecting it and I want to be ready.  A fallen leaf in the birdbath.  A cat lounging in the sun.  The glimmer of yellow tree leaves against a stormy sky.  Lately, the morning walks have discovered mushrooms. An unusual number of them are popping up all over the place. I’m sure there is a climate-related reason for them, but I have yet to research it.  For now, I am snapping pictures of the amazing variety that pop their heads up through the earth overnight.  Here are a few varieties I’ve been discovering.