A January Walk

We had another break between rain storms.  A three day break of beautiful sunny days, cool and crisp, and it drew me outside for the one mile walk to the end of our road and back. Not a long walk, and one I’ve done many many times, but I didn’t feel like driving somewhere to go for a walk. Time to breathe in a bit of nature again. Many may think that a cold January morning doesn’t offer much to photograph, but I grabbed my camera as I headed out.  There may not be blossoms, or snowscapes, or stormclouds in the sky to photograph, but I still managed to find a few photo-worthy shots.  They’re there if one slows down and looks.

Mossy fence rail
Tiny forest of moss
Saxifragae finding a way
Cyclament are colonizing nicely
Woodpeckers have been busy on this paperbark maple
Robin stops for sun in an October Glory maple