Hot Chocolate Collection

I stopped by McStevens Hot Cocoa offices in Vancouver, WA the other day.  they have a nice little gift store in their showroom and an item I would most definitely love in my kitchen… a hot chocolate dispenser that holds 10 different flavors.  What you might not expect to see though, is quite an extensive collection of vintage hot cocoa tins.  A nice mini museum in their gift shop. If you’re ever passing through Vancouver on I-205, they are just a mile off the freeway and worth a stop!


And Then the Fog Lifted

It had been a pretty foggy morning and a cold, frosty morning.  A couple hours later, the fog lifted, the sun came out, and the temperatures soared to 46 degrees.  People around the Northwest rejoiced.  They quickly donned their shorts, opened their sunroofs, or went for a jog. In January and February, sunshine is everything.  On my way home from the grocery store, I had to stop and take a photo as the hills nearby were glistening in the sun.

Hockinson hills
Hills over Hockinson